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Hidden away in the heart of Bali, Ubud Pilates studio was created to provide an intimate, private and unique space for your practice. A specialist mat-work studio with quality props and multiple levels of difficulty & intensity.

Exclusively Online

Before we became an exclusively online studio in 2022, we were rated #1 Pilates Studio and #9 of 1185 Bali businesses in the Wellness category on Trip Advisor. The same signature workouts and personalised instruction that made us #1, are now available to you anywhere in the world.

Åsa Brynvall - your instructor

“I love the simplicity of Pilates mat work, that all you need is a mat and your own body weight, that you build balanced strength and flexibility at the same time. I love the focus on form, striving for perfection in every movement. The rhythm, with each movement flowing seamlessly into the next." ~ Åsa Brynvall.

Åsa has a Certificate IV in Pilates Mat Work Instruction through Polestar Pilates. She has trained in Australia, the UK and the Philippines and is very grateful to have been mentored by award winning Pilates educator Jenni Guest. Åsa holds a Certificate III in Fitness and is a certified Group Fitness Instructor as well as being a qualified Indoor Cycling Instructor.

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